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Mini Original Painting - Honey Watercolour on Paper - 67x67mm - Framed

This painting was selected for and exhibited at the Rugby Open 2019, an annual exhibition showcasing the best of Midland's arts. 

In symbolic terms red is the warm colour of blood and life. It's associated with aggression, vitality and strength, with fire and the fight between life and death. Red is also linked with sacrifice in some cultures. (Dictionary of Symbols, Hans Biederman) 

Red is the colour of the soul, the desire and the heart. It's also linked to Science and the esoteric knowledge which is forbidden to the uninitiated. In Japan red symbolises sincerity and happiness. The blindfold symbolises objectivity, inner vision and initiation. The bow represents blossom, signifies a victory, success, completeness. (Source: Dictionary of Symbols, Jean Chevalier and Alain Gheerbrandt, 1991)