Silvena Toncheva Contemporary Artist

The primary subjects of my artworks are women and fantasy creatures. I draw inspiration from mythology, symbolism, fairytales and present my characters in an iconographic way. Most of my paintings are related to spirituality and tempt you to escape in an imaginary world filled with colour and emotion.

I have been painting all my life as an expression of my inner self.  I was five years old when my mum first showed me how to paint mermaids and they became constant characters in a lot of my artworks. I find dark beauty in these magical creatures. Being in love with literature for a lifetime I do use a lot of symbols to convey meaning. I do believe that every single colour, texture, object, shadow, line have a particular purpose and signify an important moment in the development of the self.

For me art is meant to pose questions, make you feel something. An essential part of understanding art is empathy: an instant connection at the encounter. I am fascinated by its unique ability to connect with the soul of the person who looks at it and to give them the opportunity to see something very personal and different every time. An artwork is like a living universe, it has a powerful energy within which you can feel when you are close. 

My primary media is special type of water-colours called 'honey water-colours' which not only have extremely bright pigmentation but also allow me build up structure (layering). I also use it in unconventional way - I paint with watercolours in a method you would normally apply to oils or acrylics.

Recently I have re-discovered the painting with oil. The canvas painted with oil feels like it has an existence of its own. It is as variable as liquid and thus is in a way symbolic door to eternity.

I am a member of LSA (Leamington Studio Artists) and UK Artists