Dream With a Spotted Rabbit

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Original Painting - Honey Watercolour on Paper - 177x254mm - Unframed

I painted this colourful dream last summer when I was staying at my grandparent's village 'Honeyville' up in the mountains. Nothing compares to that hot afternoon when I was immersed in my art chatting to my nan and feeling calm and fulfilled. I've painted an Easter rabbit with Dalmatian pattern sleeping blissfully next to a fairy in a field filled with forget-me-nots. I hope whoever gives a home to this painting would feel as light and bright as the emotion I've put in it. 

The rabbit is a 'lunar animal'. Just like the dark spots (lat.mare) of the moon were likened to skipping rabbit. In symbolism rabbits are linked to vigilance and therefore believed to sleep with eyes open. (Dictionary of Symbols, Hans Biederman)