Blackbird Queen

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Original Painting - Honey Watercolour on Arches Aquarelle Paper* - 360x510mm - Framed

Did you know that blackbirds are awake at night? That's why they are often linked to dark and mystical powers from an outer world. As a totem they symbolise knowledge, intelligence and intuition. 

'Blackbirds are also thoughtful. They cherish friendship and family members. They will always give attention to their problems and take good care of people around them. They are not judgmental, and they will never rush to accuse someone without a good reason. Every problem can be solved with conversation and no problem is bigger than being a good person.'**

Do you know someone that matches this description? Perhaps they will cherish the gesture of being related to this artwork. 

In mythology of ancient cultures the grapevine is regarded as sacred. They symbolic meaning of grapes is associated with abundance and transformation. 

In this painting I've incorporated some traditional folklore elements that are associated with festivity, dancing celebrations and good harvest. Normally farmers would create scarecrows to protect the grapes from the blackbirds. However in my painting, human and nature are synchronised in a peaceful embrace. 

*Arches Aquarelle watercolour paper is a 100% cotton paper. This is a professional grade watercolour paper of the highest quality. Manufactured in the same French mill since 1492, Arches watercolour papers are produced on a cylinder mould with pure stream water. Made with natural gelatin sizing; naturally white containing no optical brighteners offers optimal longevity. Each sheet of Arches watercolour paper is hand inspected to ensure consistency and durability. 

Interesting fact: framing this painting was my birthday present. 

**You can read more about the symbolic interpretations of blackbirds here