Blue Mushrooms

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Mini Original Painting - Honey Watercolour on Paper - 67x67mm - Framed

This is a story about a mermaid named Sahira*. She had hair bright like the rainbow and a little friend companion - a 6-legged crab called Poncho. She loved taking long walks and exploring the untouched depths of the ocean. Sahira always craved new experiences. If for any reason she could not go roam for more than a few days she'd become deeply sad and melancholic.

On one of her underwater adventures she discovered fascinating blue mushrooms growing on a rock. Thirsty for new experiences she took a bite of one and a portal opened to another world. Without hesitation, Sahira jumped through it. What she discovered on the other end was another version of her, although not quite her - she found her soul sister. They were both amazed that two beings could have so much in common and can share such a similar view of the world and the way they experience things. They just 'clicked' like they've always known each other and have been separated by a mystery. 

One day Sadhira headed on another exploration journey and found this time, yellow mushrooms. She decided to taste them, her spirit of adventure leading her to outer limits. Unfortunately these mushrooms opened a portal back to the world she came from and sucked her back in. She kept on looking for the blue mushrooms, desperate get back to her soul sister to whom she couldn't even farewell with. But she never managed to find them again. Still, she kept a fond memory in her heart, knowing that out there, in another dimension there is another mermaid who loves her dearly and is very much like her. 


*Sahira - name meaning 'wakeful' 

Mushrooms are symbols of the life itself; of happiness and also represent the soul (Source: Dictionary of Symbols, Jean Chevalier and Alain Gheerbrandt, 1991)