Safe Passage

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Mini Original Painting - Honey Watercolour on Paper - 67x67mm - Framed

A mermaid known by the name Masai* carries the light of the souls from the waterworld to the underworld. She is capable of powerful magic and when she senses that a spirit has gone through great suffering unrightfully, she grants them to one last vision, to bring them back to a moment of time of their choice, before heading to the other side. Masai cries touched by the stories of the souls she gives safe passage to. She has a goldfish companion that sleeps in her hairs and feeds off her tears which turn into pearls overnight. Once fed with their energy, the goldfish's light rod illuminates and is thus capable of showing the safest way for his mistress to transport the souls into the beyond, even through the deepest depths of the ocean. 

*Name meaning 'Expected Saviour or Deliverer'