Spectre Embrace

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Honey Watercolour on Arches Aquarelle Paper* - 360x510mm - Unframed

This painting was provoked by a nightmare I had. It was so vivid I had to start painting straight away, minutes after I woke up. I cannot recall exactly the course of events in that dream but I can very clearly, even now remember the feeling of desperation, of loss, that came with it.

Trying to rationalise it,  that was probably caused by missing a close relative. I remember I was scared and just as I tried hugging them, they disappeared. The dark shadow on the background is the menacing feeling that was overtaking me; the purple-pink spectre in the middle is the spirit of that person that I was searching for. It's emerging from a phone as this is my only connection with them most of the time. Opposite to what it may look like the arched cat is my companion Shadow who's on my side and has probably also felt the disturbance.  

*Arches Aquarelle watercolour paper is a 100% cotton paper. This is a professional grade watercolour paper of the highest quality. Manufactured in the same French mill since 1492, Arches watercolour papers are produced on a cylinder mould with pure stream water. Made with natural gelatin sizing; naturally white containing no optical brighteners offers optimal longevity. Each sheet of Arches watercolour paper is hand inspected to ensure consistency and durability.