Stronger Than This

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Original painting - Mixed Media on Hahnemuhle Bamboo Paper - 300mmX400mm -  Framed

This quarantine-inspired lockdown 0.2 paintings is filled with symbolic meaning. The bat, the moon and the night presented as dark and menacing forces, as opposed to the sun in the girl's hair (although half died as hairdressers are closed) and the little rainbow charm on her hand. The shield and the mask as physical and psychological protection, a barrier to the threats of the outside world. The mask hanging on a string signifies the fragility of the emotional balance in the current state of affairs. The emptiness of her eyes show dealing with difficult mental situation but also a determination. The anchor as a long-recognised symbol of hope and the 1984 written on the shield pointing to the so-called George Orwell's novel. The moon has a dual symbolic meaning here as she's also forming like a halo above the character's head.