Yuki Onna (Snow Woman)

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Original painting - Acrylics on Paper - 230mmX310mm -  Unframed

Yuki Onna (Snow Woman) is a type of yokai (supernatural entities and spirits) in Japanese folklore. She is often described as inhumanly beautiful and her eyes can strike terror into mortals that get lost traveling in the snowy mountains. She floats across the snow, leaving no footprints. 

Some legends say the Yuki-onna, being associated with winter and snowstorms, is the spirit of someone who perished in the snow. She is at the same time beautiful and serene, yet ruthless in killing unsuspecting mortals. In many stories, Yuki-onna appears to travellers trapped in snowstorms, and uses her icy breath to leave them as frost-coated corpses. Other legends say she leads them astray so they simply die of exposure. 

Source: Yokai Wiki